In pursuit of a teaching position, I found my way to San Luis Obispo on California’s Central Coast. I taught mathematics at the local university.  On a part-time basis I continued to make photographs.

The Central Coast of California is a region of remarkable landscapes. Furthermore, much of the expansive southwest as well as the lush northwestern landscapes are no further away than a one or two day drive. I was stimulated by this dramatic change in my environment. I began working with large format cameras. I found images in the landscapes, the seascapes, the architecture, the dry dock areas, the local boating docks and piers, and the junkyards.

In later years, I began photographing in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Italy and northern Europe. My attention was drawn to  the landscape, cityscapes, architectural studies and street art.

I have been making images, full time, since 1991.

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I grew up in New York City, received my schooling there and worked for twenty years as an engineer in the electronics industry. Returning to school, I earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1969 from The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

In 1969, using a medium format camera, I made my first black and white images. The subject was cityscapes. These explorations had a profound effect on me.  From that time until the present, I have been making images.