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HOWARD STEINBERG     Fine Art Photography

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If you are interested in photographic images, I invite you to browse these pages. They contain images from a number of portfolios, assembled over the last four decades.

The black and white photographs taken during the early years are silver gelatin prints, printed in the traditional ‘wet’ darkroom. In recent years, I have been working with digital cameras and have been digitally printing some images. A number of images on these pages are a result of using these more recent techniques.

Included are a number of portfolios of color images, which are a reflection of my latest explorations.

My photographic journey has been, for me, a source of great excitement, pleasure and satisfaction. It has been an opportunity for me to discover and reflect upon the grandeur in the commonplace that surrounds us in our everyday lives.

I sincerely hope, that while browsing these images, at least a small portion of what I felt is reflected on the viewer.